About us

OHF_logoNational Smile Month is organised and run by the Oral Health Foundation, a leading national charity working to improve oral health.Our goal is to improve people’s lives by reducing the harm caused by oral diseases – many of which are entirely preventable.

Established more than 40 years ago, we continue to give free and impartial dental advice, provide invaluable oral health educational materials and run vital awareness-raising campaigns on such issues like mouth cancer.

Here’s just a snapshot of what we have done in the last alone:

  • We spent £1.1 million on improving oral health.
  • We distributed positive oral health messages that reached 407 million people.
  • We facilitated and assisted in 2,500 community events.
  • We gave direct dental advice to 11,000 patients.
  • We had 1,950 oral health articles published in the UK press.
  • Our website was visited online by 3.5 million people.
  • We accredited 150 oral health products in more than 50 countries.
  • We worked closely with 850 of our charitable supporters.

Our work to improve the state of the nation’s oral health includes….

Campaigns: We lead campaigns which raise awareness on major health issues like mouth cancer through November’s Mouth Cancer Action Month. We run projects like Dental Buddy, which aims to increase the amount of oral health education taught in schools. We are also one of the founding members of the Tooth Whitening Information Group, campaigning for safe tooth whitening.

Education: We are a leading provider of educational information and resources to dental and health professionals. Our library of more than 500 resources helps to educate and motivate millions of people each year to improve their oral health.

Advice and Information: We provide expert, free and impartial advice to the public – online and via our confidential Dental Helpline. We use industry experts, qualified dentists and dental nurses to provide the most comprehensive source of independent dental information in the UK. Since the Dental Helpline formed, we have taken more than 350,000 calls on all matters of oral health.

Product Accreditation: Our expert panel independently assesses hundreds of dental products to help consumers make an informed choice. Our accreditation symbol has appeared on nearly 600 products worldwide in over 50 countries, and ensures the claims made by manufacturers are scientifically valid and can be trusted.

Influence: We contribute to UK and worldwide dental policy development. Our independence ensures we are an important voice in the media and with key decision-makers. We work on consultations regarding smoking and alcohol use, oral health in the curriculum, diet and nutrition, as well as being an active member of the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe.

The Oral Health Foundation is a registered charity (charity number 263198) in the UK, and a company limited by guarantee.