The Big Dental Placemap Challenge

The UK is obsessed with our teeth, from all the way up in Brace Garth in Orkney down to Cheeke Street in Exeter, reminders of our teeth are all around us.

Take a look around you and there is probably a street, town, café or even pub with a dental related name nearby.

That’s why we have decided to embark on the Big Dental Placemap Challenge.

As part of our National Smile Month Celebrations we want to create a big map of the UK’s dental landscape and are asking you to be part of creating it, help us discover a place near you.

If you live or work near a dental place we want you to take a photograph of yourself with one of our smileys in front of it and send it to us to include in our Big Dental Placemap challenge.

Take a look at the map below for inspiration to see which teeth crazy places we have already visited.

We would love for you to visit one of the places on there we don’t have a picture for yet, and help us find new and exciting places along the UK’s dental landscape.

Your photo will be added to our big dental placemap alongside your organisation details.

So grab your smileys, get out there and help us create a Big Dental Placemap of the UK to help celebrate National Smile Month.


Laughton, HarboroughGumley, Market HarboroughBrush Drive, Loughborough