Educational Resources

Welcome to our educational resources department for National Smile Month!

We are here to help you make your campaign something to remember. There’s something for all budgets and for all events, no matter how big or small.

From Smileys and to t-shirts to posters and CDs, we have lots of great things to make you smile.

And remember… all proceeds go towards a great cause and allow us to continue our mission of improving the nation’s health and addressing the inequalities in oral health.

Our resources team will have some special offers in the build-up to the campaign that will definitely leave you smiling. If you want to take our details away with you, please download our Smile Month Resources for 2016 and take a look at the many products we have to help you!

To place any orders visit our online shop or for additional enquiries, please contact our Sales and Marketing team on 01788 539793 or by email at