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Taking part in National Smile Month is so easy. It doesn’t necessarily involve lots of time or money, just the passion to make a difference and help promote oral health in your community, whether it’s in your dental practice, hospital or general practice, school, pharmacy, retail outlet, workplace or out on the streets themselves.

National Smile Month is aiming to create many more opportunities for supporters and organisations to help share the message of how to achieve great oral health.

We are looking for people who can take our values and desire of oral health education and spread the word among their community.

To inspire you in organising terrific National Smile Month events, here are our top 10 favourites that are guaranteed to put smiles on faces…

The Smileathon – it’s so easy that anybody can take part!

Grab some of our Smileys and take as many pictures as you can of people using them. Whether it’s a selfie, or a photo with family, friends or colleagues – show us as many smileys as you can muster.

Post them on Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #mysmileyselfie and you can also be in with a chance of winning some great prizes.

Read more on the Smileathon.

The two minute challenge is great fun and perfect for schools, colleges, workplaces and community groups. In fact, anywhere there are working groups of people.

Take two minutes out of the day to collectively brush your teeth. It’s so simple to organise and is a great reminder about the importance of brushing for a full two minutes… it’s also great fun too!

Read more on the Two Minute Challenge.

Schools working alongside parents and health professionals have an important role to play in educating young children about healthy lifestyles.

For National Smile Month, we’re encouraging dental professionals to make contact with nearby schools to deliver oral health education in the classroom.

Children and teachers alike will profitr hugely from the day and it’s also goodwill for your dental practice or health outlet to support youngsters in the community.

Read more about Visiting Schools during National Smile Month.

Much like school visits, classrooms taking time out to visit a local dental practice has been a particularly popular event for National Smile Month over the years.

Taking early years and primary school children into dental practices is a great way to engage young people in positive oral health messages.  It also gets them used to the sights and sounds of the dental practice, encouraging reguarly visits and helping to curb any phobias.

Read more about how to arrange Classroom Visits to the Dentist.

The Brushathon – now this really is a popular one!

It is an event which has roots right to the beginning of National Smile Month. It’s not only perfect to get schools and groups of children involved but it’s great fun for adults in the workplace too.

Read more about how to organise a Brushathon.

The Toothbrush Exchange is an amnesty that dental practices can create throughout National Smile Month 2016 and encourage patients to hand in their old brushes and replaces them with a new one free of charge.

This can also be used as part of a school visit, where old toothbrushes can be donated to our Charity Partner Mercy Ships, to donate to children in Africa.

Read more about how you can take run a Toothbrush Exchange event.

An eye catching display for National Smile Month is easy to set-up and can be a great way of grabbing people’s attention.

Displays can also be a fantastic way for people to learn more about their oral health.

In our educational resources area, you can find lots of things to fill your display with, including our dedicated Display Pack.

Read more about building National Smile Month Displays.

Often people love nothing more than getting their hands dirty making things.

Creative session with children are hugely inspiring, either in community groups or schools.  We’ve had tremendous success organising poster competitions, poetry writing, colouring in sessions, even portraits of their smile – anything that gets them thinking about healthy dental messages.

Read about what Art and Craft events you can do for the campaign.

Workshops involve dental practices and oral health educators popping into schools, care homes, community centres/workplaces to deliver oral health education.  They may take a little organising but are hugely influencial in shaping how we think about our oral health.

Workshops are a wonderful educational opportunity but you can also make them fun and engaging too.

Read more about National Smile Month Workshops.

National Smile Month is a campaign run by oral health charity the Oral Health Foundation.

Fundraising can be a great way to involve different people from family to friends, patients to pupils and the community as a whole.  It’s also a great way to help support our charity and help us fulfil our goals of addressing the inequalities and disease which still exisits in oral health.

There are so many ways you can fundraise for National Smile Month and support our charity.

Read more about Fundraising for National Smile Month.


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